Know farms…. know food

This week I attended Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan’s first ever conference. Three words sum up my experience: inspiring, provoking, and motivating. It hit home that some Canadians are afraid of modern farming. They are convinced our food is risking their family’s health and worried we are destroying our environment. Is this you?

I know you can pull up a billion websites on farming. But I also know you are smart and cynical enough to see that most are selling something other than facts. I expect if you are reading this you want some truth.

If you want to know your food… start by getting to know a farm

I work, live, and breathe farming. Food makes sense to me. It doesn’t scare me…. not the chemicals, the antibiotics, the GMO’s. I don’t feed my kids organic, or free-range, or natural because I don’t feel I have to. I trust my food.

Canola & Pea crop in Saskatchewan - July
Canola & Pea crop in Saskatchewan – July

Does this make you cringe? Does it make you cynical? Maybe you think I have an agenda. Well you’re right. I want to share my pride about farming. I am tired of looking the other way when I hear you worrying about what to buy in the grocery store. I’m going to start tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “I know something about where that came from…. would you to hear?”

The greatest food safety risk hands down is not eating.

We all need to eat. No farms = no food

Lots, maybe even most, of what you read about farming that is simply wrong. I see bloggers, food writers and accredited journalists getting it wrong every day. Many have never been to a farm, let alone worked lived and breathed farming. I do. So if I can build a bridge between even a few of you that live in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal with a real-life farm I will have done my small part to fight food-fears.

Charolais cows out grazing on summer pasture
Charolais cows out grazing on summer pasture

This is my first venture into blogging. By nature, most farmers are quiet, introverted people. They have to be because they work alone day in and day out. Well, as my neighbors will tell you – for better or worse – I’m not most farmers. I love to talk, write and connect.

I ask for your patience as I figure out how to do this. In exchange I hope I can give you a link to normal, everyday farmers that can address your questions and fears about our food.

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  1. Lorne Hepworth says:

    Well said. We need more of this kind of knowledge.

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    1. Thanks. Becoming more convinced every day as I hear friends and family sharing unfounded food-fears.


  2. Norma Pulfer says:

    Looking forward to more…

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  3. Stacy Kosior says:

    I can’t think of a more qualified person to do this! Highly educated, experienced and down-to-earth. Good on ya!

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  4. dairycarrie says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging!


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