Your ultimate productive day: 10 tips for squeezing the most into every single day on the farm

1. Wake up before the rooster…or the chickens, dogs, cats, kids….
o A hungry and impatient farm is NOT a good start to the day

2. Have an extra cup of coffee
o Go mugs and chores don’t mix so be sure to caffeinate before you head out the door. Given it is New Years, give the dairy farmers a break and swap Baileys for cream.

3. Don’t forget your mitts
o Saskatchewan is bloody COLD. Despite what my daughter’s story book says, it isn’t only explorers who get frostbite

4. Routine – routine – routine
o Do chores in the same order every day. You won’t miss the little things and can pick out the subtle changes.

5. Put that iphone away
o The cows don’t care if you tweet their selfie but they sure don’t like it if you’re slow on the tractor. Besides, at -40 my iphone just says “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”. Oh so helpful Apple

6. Relax over lunch
o The opportunity to enjoy lunch with your family is a treat that almost no one else in the world gets. Enjoy it.

7. Go for a run
o Farming is physical but it rarely gets your heart rate up. Exercise clears the brain, gets you ready for the office tasks and keeps you in shape for the real work.

8. Act like an office worker
o We spend more hours at a desk than many of you would believe. Be efficient. Watch Your Perfect Productive Day via @fastcompany

9. Visit the girls
o One last walk through of your girls, whatever species they are, to make sure everyone is comfortable, fed and healthy is always on the agenda.

10. Give thanks
o Spend a minute each day appreciating where you work, what you do, and remembering how blessed you are gives you energy to repeat again tomorrow.

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  1. says:

    I am looking for someone involved in farming that can tell me about chickens and roosters and how they are raised and which eggs I should buy. My hope is that Canadian egg board will have conditions met for all egg producers. I am feeling guilty these days just buying regular eggs and not free run or free range. Should I be buying the more expensive eggs in your opinions…my email is loiscamp7@ gmail if that would be a better way for you to give me your opinion. I hope you find this question. I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last 10 months. Thank you Lois Campbell


    1. It makes me very sad to hear you say you are “feeling guilty” for buying regular eggs. I so wish we were proud of the fact that we can go to any store and buy “regular” eggs knowing that they are safe to eat, that the birds that produced them were raised under humane and modern conditions, that the producers made a living and were able to raise a family or contribute to a community, and that Canada helped to feed the world.

      I know that sounds like a rant. I guess it is. It is not that I am against giving consumers options. I think it is wonderful that we have choices and that producers can provide you with options. What bothers me is when you are made to feel that the conventional product is inferior or that you are supporting inappropriate practices.

      Now keep in mind that this is coming from someone who works for Canada’s poultry industry. So, of course I am biased. But I also have raised layers on our farm. I raise the layers because I love eating things I grew myself and working with the birds is a wonderful experience for my family. What I want to stress is that I raise birds for me. Not for the birds. And not for the food safety.

      I encourage you to check out the website for the Egg Farmers of Canada ( Also, you might find the following project interesting. I had the chance to meet Janine Maxwell and talk about the work that Egg Farmers of Canada is doing on her orphanage in Swaziland. ( Maybe it will be an antidote to your guilt

      Take care and thanks for commenting.


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