Getting ready for spring and honey bee arrival!

Great blog. I dream of having many more species on the farm — including bees. What is the difference between the Italian and Russian bees?

Faith, Farming & Cowboy Boots

We are busy expanding our honey bee operation from two hives to twelve this year. We have purchased 2 separate kinds of bees – Russian and Italian. Our Russian bees are going up on a piece of land where they will help pollinate melon fields which we are pretty excited about! I am eager to find out what their honey will taste like. Our Italians will be going out on the same piece of land our other 2 hives are currently on.

Our Russian bees are being shipped to us, and we were lucky enough to find a local supplier for our Italian bees this year. It makes it a much shorter trip when we only have to drive 30 minutes instead of 5 hours to get our bees! They are set to arrive in the first 2 weeks of May.

So that means we have been busy ordering supplies…

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    I want to learn about bee keeping. One day I’m hoping to have a hive.


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