The slow work of farming

I’m standing in the barn, typing on an iphone so you know this will be short and error ridden, watching my new twins. We are supposed to start calving in a week or so but have had an early set. Its not uncommon for cows, like people, to have a shorter pregnancy when they are carrying twins.

These two beauties are both heifer (female) calves. Two beautiful babes that are unmotivated to nurse.  I know they’ll get going since they are both lively. So maybe its because they are the first of the season and I have time, or maybe its because the weather is beautiful and I’m in no hurry to get inside, or maybe its because they are so darn cute but today, I sit and watch.  If they don’t nurse soon I’ll help them out.

Agribusiness is often criticized for its size. I hear words used like factory-farm, living production line, and of course references to breeding that are far to crude to repeat here. So why tell you about such a mundane thing as sitting on a gate watching the calves? To give you a quick peek into the care that goes into raising animals for a living.

P.S. Success!!


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  1. Lynn Johnstone says:

    Love your
    2 videos of your new twins….. They are Beauties… gotta love those baby calves – nothing sweeter….. Your cows look so healthy and clean… Nice to have fresh straw to romp in and sleep on… Good luck for the remainder of your calving time. Hope it all goes smooth… Nice you don’t have to call “The Vet”!!! lj


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