About our farm

I live and work on a farm in Saskatchewan with my husband, Colin, and our 3 kids.

Rosengren Farms

Pea Canola IntercropColin is a dry-land grain farmer. That means we don’t irrigate but just watch the sky and mumble under our breath all summer waiting for rain. He grows cereal crops (wheat, durum, barley, corn), pulses (peas, lentils, chickpeas), and oilseeds (canola, flax, camelina, hemp, soybeans).

My pictures probably look odd to those of you who farm because Colin intercrops most of his fields. This means he mixes different crops within a field to get the most out the symbiotic relationship.

Fresh Cravings FarmsGreenhouse Cucumbers

I operate a couple of small greenhouses. We grow lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers for our local markets. The veggie farming is new – just started in 2013. Greenhouses are NOT common in this part of Saskatchewan so we have had a lot to learn and more than a few curious neighbors stopping over.

The best thing about starting our greenhouses has been connecting with people who don’t farm. Talking to my customers has shown me just how interested people are about their food.

The girls

IMG_0801Together, Colin & I raise commercial Simmental cattle. Beef cattle are common in this area and are an asset to the grain farm because they ensure we make use of all of the resources on the farm.

We calve in early spring (March & April) so watch our posts then for cute pics and crazy (sleep deprived) blogs.


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