About Leigh

It’s funny how we all use words to describe ourselves; like we are trying to put ourselves into tidy little boxes that other people can “like”. The words that most clearly describe me are my professional names. Veterinarian.  Epidemiologist.  Farmer.  Runner.  Wife.  Mother.  Of  course, just like you, I feel like I am more than a hashtag can describe.

I have worked in agriculture for my entire career and have lived on a farm my entire life. My day job is running my epidemiology consulting firm that serves Canada’s livestock and poultry sectors. I work with Canada’s best producers to solve food safety and animal health issues.

By nights, weekends, stat holidays, and all other waking hours I operate a farm with my husband. We grow grain, raise beef cattle, and produce greenhouse vegetables.

My blog is for those of you who are interested in your food and are maybe even fearful of it. I want to connect with you to give you an insider’s look into science and technology in modern agriculture. I am not going to tell you what to eat – be it vegetarian, organic, or any other special diet. Instead, I want to give you an avenue to ask questions about food so you can decide what best fits your values.


You know what to do. Leave your thoughts here.

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