Antibiotic Stewardship

Antibiotic Stewardship in Meat Production – It sounds like an oxymoron to those outside of the industry. How can antibiotic use in animals possibly be good antibiotic stewardship? Shouldn’t we reserve these life-saving drugs for people?

No – I don’t believe we should.

Antibiotics are indeed life-saving drugs. This class of medicines have been shared between human- and veterinary-medicine since they were discovered. Their development has not only enabled amazing advancements in health care – they have also been a key in agriculture’s improved productivity and animal welfare.

Producers have a responsibly to care for their stock. Retaining the privilege to use antibiotics is imperative to achieve this. Our industries recognize that this privilege comes with responsibilities. As such, we work towards continuous improvement of our antibiotic stewardship.

Are you a producer? Have you have ever asked what is the big deal about antibiotic resistance? Or wondered if you are really contributing to this problem in human medicine? Maybe you’ve been stumped to respond to a consumer that tells you they only buy meat raised without antibiotics. If this is you…read on.

Not a producer? If you like to dig down into an issue, feel free to join us for the journey. The posts on antibiotic use in livestock and poultry will be shared as regular blogs. This page will act as a parking lot so this topic can be easily browsed.

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You know what to do. Leave your thoughts here.

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